Getting the Highest Resolution on Your Video Surveillance Footage

Oct 20, 2020 | News, Solutions

The contemporary business owner values his or her property enough to have security footage installed at all entrances of the building. During business hours and after, it is always essential to keep a close watch on your business. The presence of visible cameras along the perimeter of the property helps to ward away suspicious persons, thieves, and burglars. Whether your business requires protection from reckless vandalism, loitering teenagers, or an overnight break-in to empty the cash register, it is necessary in modern times to possess some type of video surveillance installed on the building or around the property line.

There are affordable options for business video surveillance for those owners who have small buildings to protect, perhaps just a storefront in a shopping center. There are also highly complex business security systems for large properties, businesses with multiple locations, or schools with multiple campuses, all able to be controlled and monitored at one central location. 

The effectiveness of the business security system relies on the visual clarity of the suspect captured on camera. High-resolution images in daylight and lowlight provide business owners valuable evidence for damages in a courtroom or to an insurer. This is where it becomes necessary to gain around the clock clear video footage of any individuals attempting to enter the home.

Business security systems in Allentown Pa from Keystone Fire and Security capture high definition, real-time footage. Starting with a reputable security business ensures you receive the right technology to protect your business. Not all security cameras are created equally; some are better for weathering the elements outdoors, some perform better at night or other low light situations, some have superior zooming capabilities. Additionally, continued maintenance from your video surveillance installer and service company extends the life of this technology; it can be as simple as properly cleaning the camera lens. The right service provider can also help you learn how to effectively monitor your video surveillance system, create reporting and notification trigger alerts, and more. Commercial security systems in Chester Pa also need to be properly calibrated to achieve optimal resolution.

For businesses with existing video surveillance systems looking to upgrade the camera equipment, it is possible to achieve higher resolution with an analog system. However, the right system is key in allowing you virtually endless options in equipment type. That’s why Keystone Fire and Security trusts platforms like Genetec Inc.’s Omnicast, an intelligent video surveillance solution that adapts to your needs – not the other way around. Learn more about the integration opportunities here: 


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