October is National Fire Prevention Month

Oct 1, 2014 | News

Fire prevention could have kept this company from going up in flames

Fire Detection technology that can tell you about a fire before it does damage are essential to your mission critical systems.

The difference between Fire Detection and Fire Prevention is critical to keeping your business operational. Are your mission critical systems protected from fire? Are they protected before or after a fire starts?

October is National Fire Prevention Month. Specifically Oct 5-11 is National Fire Prevention Week.

Keystone Fire and Security can install technology to detect fires before they take your company out. Technology that can tell the difference between dust particles, vapor, gases and most importantly smoke. These systems can let you know of a fire before it actually becomes a fire.

If you have mission critical server rooms or if you make guitars and have warehouses full of wood you need to have a system that doesn’t just detect when there is already a fire, but one that can instead alert you and take necessary steps before the fire does damage.

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