Essential Fire Protection Services for Commercial Properties

May 24, 2019 | Fire Safety Tips

Owning a commercial property can be stressful. Whether you are operating a business day to day or managing tenants, your property is changing, needing repairs, or waiting on a remodel. In juggling it all, fire protection may slip through the cracks; however, it is one of the most important things to keep in the front of your mind as a commercial property owner.

Marco Protection Systems, LLC can help you maintain your fire extinguishers and commercial fire alarm system so you don’t have to worry. Marco understands the challenges and nuances associated with protecting an ever-changing commercial property. When it comes to fire protection services, we have the experience needed to ensure your fire extinguishers and commercial fire alarm system are working just as they should. We will guide you through the inspection process and manage the paperwork involved.

Additionally, we can diagnose and fix unexpected problems that may arise with your existing fire alarms and systems. Working fire alarms and fire alarm systems are imperative for the protection of your commercial property and the safety of your customers or tenants. Make sure to contact Marco Protection Systems, LLC to gain peace of mind.


Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Service

If you own a commercial property, you are required to keep and maintain a certain number of fire extinguishers determined by the local fire codes and standards of your area. It’s easy to think that you’re protected once you invest in the required fire extinguishers for your commercial property.  However, the only way to ensure the safety of you and your property is to conduct personal monthly checks and invest in professional maintenance through annual inspections by a licensed professional like Marco Protection Systems, LLC and its NICET certified technicians. During an inspection, various criteria need to be checked on your fire extinguisher to ensure it is functioning properly:  

  • The canister must be at full pressure.  A depressurized fire extinguisher may not be able to effectively fight fires.  
  • It needs correct and legible labeling. Improper labeling may lead to misuse and could potentially cause injury or prevent someone from successfully putting out a fire.  
  • The fire extinguisher must not have any visible damage such as dents, cracks, leaks, missing or broken pieces, etc.  Damage to the fire extinguisher could reduce your ability to fight a fire.
  • All commercial properties must comply with National fire codes enforced by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Codes require that your fire extinguisher be inspected by a licensed fire protection services provider such as Marco Protection Systems, LLC.  Those who do not follow these regulations are subject to fines, but more importantly, are putting their safety and property at risk.  For elevated confidence in your fire extinguishers, you may want to have your fire extinguishers checked professionally more than once per year, although not required.  Marco also offers monthly fire extinguisher tests to ensure your fire alarms are up to code.

Commercial Fire Alarm System Testing and Service

The ability to fight a fire in your commercial property is not enough.  For your and your customer’s safety, you need a functional commercial fire alarm system so that you know about a fire before it has become dangerous and unmanageable.  A commercial fire alarm system must be inspected and re-certified at least once every year.  You may need to have more frequent inspections based on the guidelines laid out by the National Fire Protection Association or the fire codes in your municipality.

Marco Protection Systems, LLC offers detection solutions such as smoke, gas, heat, flame, air sampling, and commercial wireless alarms as part of their commercial fire alarm systems. The important things to check on your commercial fire alarm system are:  the control panels, the system devices, pull stations, and auditory devices. All parts of a commercial fire alarm system are important in ensuring your safety and protecting your property including the sensors themselves, the electrical equipment transmitting the signals, and the actual alarms.

For example, Marco Protection Systems, LLC technicians can check the audibility levels of your commercial fire alarm through decibel testing.  Sometimes these alarms might not go off if the sensitivity of your smoke sensor is not correct. Not to worry, we can check both!  Our technicians are licensed and trained to inspect your commercial fire alarm system as often as is required or desired.

We can monitor these parts on a regular quarterly basis and we can also diagnose and repair each of these components when there has been damage, a false alarm, or other malfunctions. What’s more, Marco can perform inspections services on your commercial fire alarm system after business hours to prevent any disruption.  A commercial fire alarm system can be extremely complicated, so it’s imperative you choose a fire protection service provider that has experience and understands your specific commercial fire protection system.

Contact Marco Protection Systems, LLC to request a quote and learn how to protect your commercial property today.  


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