Building A Comprehensive Security System: Access Control & Surveillance

May 16, 2024 | Security & Video Surveillance

A good security system runs smoothly, has full operational integration, and covers all contingencies. That means installing a comprehensive system that delivers information on demand and enables you to make a quick response to a breach.

Adding in or updating the security system of your Pennsylvania-based operation is straightforward, especially when you bring in access control specialists from Allentown, PA. to get the job done. Here’s a look at what goes into building a security system that meets your needs.

Identify the Assets and Areas You Want to Protect

You may know exactly where you want a security system to go, but you might not realize that you’re overlooking other areas that also need security. You can take the time to do an internal audit and find out where there are security overlaps that you’ve been missing. Alternatively, this can be done by a security specialist who brings a different perspective to your operations and can see where there are gaps, what should be secured, and explain why.

Control Access and Know Who’s Coming and Going

Providing access to a building or room consists of providing broad or narrow authorization to approved employees and visitors. Depending on your needs, you may want to prevent people from wandering in from the street without prior authorization. You might also want only employees to have access to the building, or you want to provide access to a small group of people and no one else. At the core of these access levels is the fact you can see who’s coming and going, a feature that becomes important when something goes missing.

You can also get around people giving access to unauthorized individuals through the use of badge tracking and cameras. Badges help keep a room or building secure, but this also allows people to slip in with an authorized user. Adding a camera lets you see who’s letting an unauthorized user come into the room with them and take the appropriate action.

Scale Your Security System as Needed

Sometimes you need to add or reduce the amount of security you need on a temporary or permanent basis. Modern security technology makes it easy to add more features at a moment’s notice. You can host an event at your facility with the knowledge that you can easily contain your guests and keep them out of sensitive areas, or convert more rooms into secure facilities as needed. Everything can be disabled or removed when you no longer need to secure the space.

It’s Possible to Save Money and Still Get the Security You Need

Security systems used to rely on cables to transmit data to checkpoints and security posts, something that added vulnerability and cost to installing them. Now business owners can hire business security systems installation in Allentown, PA from security specialists that use Wi-Fi-connected hardware for ease of control and lower cost.

Transmitting data through Wi-Fi is as secure as sending it through cabling, and eliminates the risk of physical wear and tear. The only cabling needed by the hardware is a direct connection to a power supply. All the components on a Wi-Fi network operate the same as a wired network and deliver information at the same rate of speed. The result is that you get a reliable and responsive security system installed for a lower cost.

Start Building Your Comprehensive Security System Today

You can’t waste time when it comes to installing a security system for your business. Contact us at Keystone Fire and Security today to talk to one of our security experts about your needs. We’re here to help you learn more about your options, what kind of hardware is best for your needs, and design a security system that covers all possible contingencies.


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