Best Practices & Technology For Office Security 

May 30, 2024 | Security

Are you looking to bolster security at your commercial building or business? Knowing and implementing best practices and technology for office security can help you stay on track. Keystone Fire and Security installs business security systems in Allentown, PA, and the surrounding communities. We take your safety seriously, and our team of experts is here to help you implement technologies that give you more control over who walks through your doors.

What Is Office Security All About?

Approaching your security planning from a holistic viewpoint helps ensure that you don’t overlook areas that affect your data, employees, and buildings. Whether you operate a professional business or rent offices to commercial tenants, security is paramount. Visitors, clients, and employees require a safe environment where they can focus on managing the business, not security breaches and property theft.

In the digital age, there’s no separating cybersecurity from physical security. Remote employees need access to data and information, but you also need to protect data from hackers. Our team can help you achieve both objectives while also keeping a remote eye on your entrances and sensitive areas.

How Can You Minimize Your Risks?

It would be great if you could eliminate your risks, but that’s a lofty goal. Instead, minimize security gaps to dissuade thieves looking for an easy target. With the right technology and best practices on your side, you can successfully navigate your vulnerabilities and remedy chinks in your corporate armor.

Essential Security Technologies

From the parking garage to the corner suites, every inch of your building requires scrutiny. Updating the equipment and controls that govern entry to your business can reduce your security risks significantly. Looking for the right balance of cost-effective technology? Consider the following:

  • Comprehensive entry control to track and monitor who goes where inside your facility.
  • One-stop security shop where you can monitor alerts, watch live and archived security footage, and coordinate equipment on the perimeter and in the heart of your office building.
  • 24/7 support is available for both emergencies and routine questions about your security system.
  • Automation that integrates various equipment, such as alarms, sensors, cameras, and more.

You’ll need a flexible, scalable security system that grows with your business. Talk to a knowledgeable security expert to discuss your concerns and possible solutions within your budget.

Physical Security Best Practices

Enhance visitor management and prevent unauthorized entry with an ID verification system that includes access badges for employees and guests. You can also combine technology and human know-how by training your front desk to properly screen visitors. De-escalating aversion to badges and checkpoints can smooth the transition to more effective security systems.

Do you restrict access to sensitive areas adequately? Try access control systems that incorporate key cards, PIN-protected keypads, or biometric sensors. Combined with video surveillance equipment, this technology puts the reins into the hands of your capable security team. We recommend installing cameras in entryways, parking areas, and hallways for maximum visibility. Additionally, you can invest in a Video Management System (VMS) that provides centralized access to live and recorded security footage.

You’ll also need to develop emergency evacuation plans for fire, natural disasters, and active shooter scenarios. Review your plans for potential vulnerabilities that could compromise office building security. Finally, don’t neglect the physical entrances. Instead, regularly inspect doors and windows to test the hardware. This is your first defense against thieves and criminals after all.

Contact A Professional Security Company

Still unsure what to do next to preserve corporate security? Let the experts at Keystone Fire and Security help you find the ideal technology to secure your commercial building! We also act as a commercial fire protection company in Philadelphia. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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