Benefits Of A Nurse Call System

Dec 17, 2022 | Communication Systems

Hospital communication is one of the most important processes within a hospital or health center. Having a good nurse call system is essential to offering better service to patients and avoiding any situation that may put their health at risk.

What Is A Nurse Call System?

A nurse call system is a communication solution to cover the needs of a socio-sanitary center, such as a hospital, a nursing home, or other health centers. This type of modern communication system is based on IP telephony, adding a multitude of elements that facilitate contact between patients and nurses, such as push buttons for beds and bathrooms, generation of alerts for doctors and nurses, and more. 

How A Nurse Call System Works

A good nurse call system integrates different elements within a set of communication solutions. These elements are installed in a personalized way in the different rooms of the health center according to their particular needs.

The use of screens in hallways, lounges, and corridors makes it possible to monitor the alarms generated more efficiently, allowing health personnel to act more quickly and to have identifiable information at all times. 

The use of sensors is another function that this type of communication system incorporates (for example, to accurately measure the temperature or degree of humidity in the room). The software that incorporates this system is key to its optimal operation. A good nursing management program saves nurses time that can be spent on other, more important roles in client care.

Advantages Of A Nurse Call System

Having a good communication system between nurses and patients is essential for the optimal functioning of a medical or hospital service. The main benefits offered by these specific communication solutions are:

  • It facilitates optimal attention to calls made by patients 
  • It guarantees a high level of quality and security care.
  • Its flexibility allows it to adapt to the conditions of each center, be it a hospital, a mental health center, a nursing home, or others.
  • They are very simple systems to implement that do not require major work or changes in infrastructure.
  • Automated generation of reports to analyze everything that happens and thus be able to make better decisions.
  • Monitoring of the work carried out by health personnel
  • Optimize the time spent by healthcare professionals in-patient care.

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