5 Reasons Fire Sprinkler Systems Still Drastically Reduce Fatalities And Property Damage

Apr 22, 2021 | Sprinkler Systems

If you do not have a fire sprinkler in your business, then it is a good idea (and often required by code) for you to get one. You need to call a professional if you need fire sprinkler installation in Philadelphia. There are several reasons you need to have a reliable fire sprinkler system.

Extinguish the Fire

You may think that there is no need for you to install a fire sprinkler if you have smoke detectors or a fire alarm system. Early warning detection is important, but it is limited to exactly that – detection and notification of a fire. These devices cannot put out a fire and save your property. The fire sprinkler system will extinguish the fire before it can spread to other parts of your building, limiting damage.


Seconds count when there is a fire. A fire sprinkler system will activate within 30 to 60 seconds. This is much faster than the fire department will be able to respond to the emergency. The more time it takes for a fire department to get there, the more damage will be done to your property.

Prevent Property Damage

Fires tend to spread very quickly if you do not get them under control. The fire sprinkler system will quickly activate and put out the fire. These systems also use a minimum amount of water. They won’t do as much damage to the property as firehose would. That is why it is a good idea to put out as much of the fire as possible before the fire department arrives.

Insurance companies typically charge less when a business has an up-to-code fire sprinkler system because they help minimize the possibility and scale of damage.

Save Your Life

Property can be replaced, but you cannot replace a human life. Fire sprinklers can help protect everyone in your building – employees, customers, and other visitors. Fire sprinkler systems can prevent the fire from spreading and inhibiting escape routes. They can also reduce your chances of being burned by the fire during evacuation. Furthermore, a fire sprinkler system can help you avoid smoke inhalation, which can be deadly.

Low Maintenance

A fire sprinkler system will not help you much if it is not working properly. While fire sprinkler systems require inspection, testing, and maintenance, it is not too costly or time-consuming with the right fire protection service provider. A trusted provider like Marco can help keep your systems code compliant with service performed at regular intervals. The inspection also helps increase the life of the system, detecting any deficiencies before they become a serious hazard.  Fire sprinkler systems have the potential to operate for 20 years without requiring major repairs, given regular maintenance is performed.


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