3 Security Measures You Should Use to Protect Your Business

Jan 19, 2021 | News

Many risks are associated with running a business. Criminals are waiting to do damage to the property and possibly harm people who are in the building. However, if you take the proper security measures, then you will be able to easily mitigate those risks. There are several things you should do to keep everyone in your business safe.

Install an Alarm System

One of the best things that you can do to keep your business safe is to install security systems in Delaware County, PA. There are several benefits of an access control security system, which uses both audible and silent alarms to alert you to a threat. A loud alarm can help startle a criminal and deter them from completely breaking in. A silent alarm can notify the authorities for rapid response and criminal apprehension. If a criminal breaks a window or knocks down a door, the alarm will obviously sound, but sensitivity can also be set to small movements like jostling an exterior door handle after business hours so you never miss a potential security breach.

Secure your business – install an access control system. The purpose of access system integrations in Montgomery County, PA is to keep unauthorized people out of the building. No one will be able to get into the building without the appropriate credentials (identification PIN, keycard, fingerprint scan, etc.).

Use a Security Camera

There are two main ways that a security camera can keep your building safe. First and foremost, simply the presence of exterior video surveillance cameras help deter crime. Studies show people are less likely to commit crimes if they know that they are being watched. The rationale is that they will be less likely to “get away with it” and will either be caught in the act by fast responding security guards or later identified and apprehended when security footage is turned over to police for investigation.

Secondly, a video surveillance system helps monitor operations “after hours” or when no one is in the building. The system can be automated to detect a machine malfunction and alert the appropriate staff promptly so additional damage is not done. For businesses that are concerned with processing and quality control, video surveillance systems can monitor the assembly or production lines, helping ensure nothing unsafe is occurring. 

Write a Visitor Management Policy

An unauthorized visitor is a threat to your building. If you allow visitors to come into the building, then there needs to be a policy put into place for tracking their arrival, departure, and movements throughout the facility. For example, every visitor should be required to sign in and required to wear a name tag. This allows for easy identification. 

The visitor management plan should be put in writing and easily accessible. If everyone knows about the visitor policy, then it will be easier for employees to detect when someone is in the building who does not need to be there. Additionally, if your facility has multiple floors, it is helpful to employ a Floor Marshal to assist in facilitating safety procedures, including emergency evacuation when necessary. Floor Marshals are also briefed on contractors and vendors who are permitted to access certain areas of the building so they can ensure these individuals are escorted to the appropriate places.

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