3 Fire Safety Tools that Can Help Protect You

Jan 28, 2021 | Fire Safety Tips

Keep Your Business Safe with These Fire Safety Systems

At Keystone Fire Protection Co., we take the safety of businesses and their employees seriously. That’s why we design custom fire system solutions for each of our customers; when it comes to fire protection, one size does not fit all. 

In protecting buildings and occupants from the threat of fire, traditional fire sprinkler systems work wonders, but they aren’t the perfect solution for every business. In some cases, wet sprinkler systems can cause unwanted damage to special hazards and valuable assets. Read on to learn about a few alternative solutions to protect your people and property.

1. Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

One issue with wet sprinklers is that when the heads are activated and release water, they can damage high value assets that cannot get wet. A wet painting in an art museum, for example, is just as bad as if fire had damaged it. To keep your irreplaceable assets nice and dry, consider a pre-action sprinkler system.

Pre-action sprinkler systems hold back water with an electrically operated valve through piping charged with air or nitrogen under pressure. Water does not sit in the pipes like a wet sprinkler system. Additionally, water will not flow into the system until a fire detection system specifically instructs. This allows for time to assess the need for water to douse the flames, saving the valuable assets from unnecessary water damage. 

This system is ideal for places like museums, archive vaults, tape libraries, data centers, freezers, and electrical rooms.

2. Deluge Sprinklers

If you have a large, open area where fire can quickly spread, then you may want to consider deluge sprinklers. These are sprinkler systems that, like a pre-action system, hold back water with an electrically operated valve. Oppositely, the sprinkler heads in a deluge system are always open and the piping is not pressurized with air.

When the sprinkler is activated, the water releases in a huge torrent, through all sprinkler heads at once, completely smothering the fire. This system is ideal for places where fire can spread quickly and damage machinery like aircraft hangars, fuel loading racks, power plants, chemical and hyro-carbon storage, and processing facilities.

3. Foam Sprinkler Systems

In the event of liquid fire, most standard sprinkler systems won’t work. The hazard cannot be contained with water alone and requires an additional agent to extinguish the fire. This is where a foam sprinkler system is vital.

These systems combine foam with water to blanket the fire, eliminating the oxygen supply that fuels it. Because of its blanketing effect, foam also keeps the fire from igniting again later. This makes it safer for fire professionals to enter the area and assess damage.

Foam sprinkler systems are most effective for applications in manufacturing and processing facilities, refineries, warehouses, airport hangars, and marinas.

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If you’re interested in any of the effective fire sprinkler systems listed above, a Keystone Life Safety Advisor can help determine which is best to protect your business. We can install, inspect, repair, and maintain all types of fire sprinkler systems. 

Should your facility need a different fire protection solution, we also perform fire suppression system installation in Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. Similarly, we provide continued service and maintenance for these systems. 

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