3 Communication Systems Your Company Needs

Jun 10, 2021 | Security

Efficient communication is essential for both productivity and safety in your business. Ensuring you have the right tools for your communication systems can be difficult. We provide several communication systems and commercial security systems in Chester County, PA, and throughout the PA area to better your business. Here are three communication systems your company needs to keep safe and efficient.

1. Nurse Call

Healthcare facilities can benefit greatly from our advanced nurse call communication system. Your patients must be able to contact their nurse as soon as they notice something wrong. If they’re under a great deal of stress, then figuring out what button to push can be problematic. 

Our nurse call system makes contacting nurses easy. The buttons are large and clearly labeled. It enables residents to contact their nurses the moment they need them.

2. Lobby Entry Systems

A common communication method for lobby entrances is to use an intercom system. This isn’t always beneficial. Noise from the road can make communication difficult. It also doesn’t help security forces determine if the individual is a threat or not.

Our lobby entry system replaces audio with audio and visual. We have cameras installed into the lobby entrance area that gives your security force a clear image of who is trying to access their business.

Our lobby entry systems are great for apartments, hotels, and certain areas of your business. You can limit how much traffic goes through particular areas of your business.

With a visual in place, your security team can improve the overall security of your business.

3. Mass Notification

One final communication system that your company needs is mass notification. Anything can happen at any time. Whether you’re faced with a mass shooter or just need to release a building-wide notification to your employees, a mass notification system is exactly what you need.

Our system utilizes innovative technology. It uses the technology already in existence to create a system that can be used for security alerts, everyday memos, and even messages for customers, residents, and students.

When you need a notification to be given to everyone on short notice, then this system is an ideal choice.

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Being able to alert your business to security threats or sudden changes in the workday can make your employees more adaptable and safer. It can enable swift communication that may avert dangerous situations. To find out more about other communication systems that can benefit your business, give our team a call today.


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