3 Areas Where a Wireless Fire Alarm System Makes More Sense

Jan 28, 2021 | Fire Alarm Systems

Upgrading Your Fire Alarm System

If you already have fire alarm systems installed, then you may feel as though you’ve done your part in keeping your business protected. However, the kind of fire alarm systems in Delaware County your business uses could need an upgrade to either meet code requirements or to simply improve aging equipment. Upgrading your system to a wireless fire alarm system may sound daunting, but could be the perfect choice to make. 

At Marco Protection Systems, LLC, we can help you determine what kind of fire alarm system makes the most sense for your business and budget. If you’re not quite ready to pick up the phone and call us for a consultation, here are three industries in which a wireless fire alarm system is an excellent choice.

1. Construction

One of the biggest areas that can see a lot of improvement in their detection systems is the construction industry. This is because each construction site is wholly unique. It is also ever-changing with each phase of development. It’s a place where there are many vendors coming and going, tools being brought in and out, and other wires being run throughout. With so much happening at once, it’s easy for wires to become crossed, frayed, tangled, and even damaged.

Construction sites are also widespread. It can be difficult to detect a fire when walls and ceilings have yet to be constructed. A wireless fire alarm system allows workers to easily navigate around the devices while still providing necessary protection on site. They are perfect for construction sites because they are robust, versatile, and scalable. They can also be relocated as a project evolves, satisfying the needs of contractors and NFPA 241, which provides measures for preventing fire damage to temporary structures. 


Another important area that can use an upgraded fire alarm system in the healthcare industry. While the healthcare industry should undergo regular fire alarm inspections in Chester County, they should also consider the benefits of wireless fire detection systems.

Hospitals, in particular, always have a range of wires for their various machines and medical tools that are situated in many rooms or that need to be moved throughout the facility. Should a wire short or cause a power surge, it may damage fire detection devices. Considering the number of people in a hospital, this could end up having tragic consequences.

Wireless fire detection systems ensure that the system is always operational. SWIFT™ by Notifier wireless detection is proven to minimize disruptions to operations, thus reducing downtime and saving costly labor. 

Historic Properties

One frequent request we receive is for the addition of fire protection systems to historic properties that do not currently have any. The need for this equipment is dictated by local code requirements. The difficulty in installing fire protection equipment in these buildings comes with maintaining the aesthetics and meeting historical society requirements. The average fire detection alarm system can make for some unsightly wires affixed to beautiful woodwork and masonry. 

Wireless detection eliminates the need for hardwired connections, allowing these devices to be installed wherever code requires and sparing historic structures from unattractive conduits, raceways, and any patchwork that would be needed when running and hanging wires. 

Upgrade Your System Today

If you are interested in learning the benefits a wireless fire alarm system could provide your business, connect with a Marco Life Safety Advisor today!


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